Tracks in the ceiling

Track lighting with suspended ceilings – an original organization of lighting. Lighting a popular type based on a compact concealed track integrated into the suspended ceiling allows you to implement design ideas and lighting projects a variety, arrange light accents and the space zoning. The track system allows you to control lighting, easily change the light source’s location.


Single-phase models are cheaper, connect directly to 220 volts (no need for an additional power supply). They have luminaires’ a wide range and most can be replaced with light bulbs. These tracks are manufactured for overhead or suspended installation.

The luminaires in the bus duct are held in place with a latch lock. We can integrate them into the stretch ceiling plane using modern profile systems.


Magnetic bus ducts are more expensive, for them are also available luminaires different types, but it is often impossible to replace the lamp in them. Luminaires are powered via 24- and 48-volt power supply units, the unit’s power is calculated based on the luminaires number.

The power supply unit must also be accessible during installation (e.g. by a magnetic grid means). Magnetic track lighting can be installed on the suspended ceiling by overhead, recessed or suspended installation.

Track lighting can be attached to a suspended ceiling using the following methods:

With niche fabrication.

The installation most expensive variant is to build a superimposed magnetic busbar into the suspended ceiling, which is not intended for it. In this case, we make a special recess into which the busbar will be recessed.

One-piece track for stretch ceiling

The next step is the installation of a magnetic track manufactured for the stretch ceiling. At this point, it can be the SLOTT Technolight track system.

Installation with special profiles

The next option is combined. In this variant, we use almost any track system and the special profiles one for embedding into the stretch ceiling: SLOTT intruder and LumFer track.

Overhead method

The installation cheapest method is to install it on the leaf surface by the embedding means, located behind the leaf plane. In this case, an aluminium bar is used as the embedding bar.


  • available segment;
  • thanks to connecting and corner elements, it is possible to design a track system of any length and configuration;
  • full integration into the stretch ceiling design (no gaps, slots, plugs, seals);
  • lighting control by moving the luminaires along the track;
  • the mounting the track option to the ceiling.