Teqtum EURO


Teqtum GmbH, offers the innovative new generation stretch ceiling material TEQTUM EURO. The material was developed primarily for the European Union. For this reason, the high safety and quality requirements set by European standards were mandatory from the development very first stages – from the chemical composition to the production technology.

The company has taken Volvo’s engineers famous motto and created the safest car in the world. They claimed that every person, the ability to buy an expensive or inexpensive car regardless, has the right to count on its safety. The Teqtum team of scientists and technologists was faced with a similar task – to preserve and improve the best European films qualities, but at the same time to fit them into an acceptable price for the consumer.

This challenge has been successfully met. The new TEQTUM EURO film meets all EU requirements for environmental friendliness, safety, mechanical strength and thermal resistance, and does not emit any harmful substances or unpleasant odour when in use.

Teqtum EURO


CE - Conformite Europeenne

DIN EN 71-3 - child safety standard

RoHS 2 - Directive on the hazardous and harmful substances mandatory control for humans and the environment

Reach - the standard defines requirements for the chemicals' production and use in their potential impact terms on human health

Reaction to flame exposure:

Bs1d0 according to DIN EN 13501 - fire risk class, where:

  1. Flammability - EURO B- does not contribute to flame propagation
  2. Smoke generation - S1 - moderate
  3. Formation of burning droplets - D0 - not formed


Tectum linings have a special UV marking on the entire surface. It is marked with a special UV ink which is invisible to the naked eye. To see it, you need a flashlight. If you direct it towards the film at a certain angle, the transparent Teqtum EURO inscription becomes visible. This guarantees the product authenticity, as it is almost impossible to forge such a marking.


  • Teqtum Euro is the perfect solution for the complex design ceilings realization. Thanks to the Teqtum Euro high surface strength, it is possible to create architectural ceilings. Half-tones have the following characteristics:
    High strength - surface density 270 g/m².
    Increased thickness - 200-240 microns
  • Film width - up to 5m.
  • This makes the film more flexible; it is not susceptible to excessive creasing.
    The film will not tear when stretched and fully retains its texture!


The TEQTUM range has been developed in cooperation with German designers and complies with the RAL Design professional colour design scale. Design palette - 12 exclusive colours



The blades LumFer range is a unique two-component product from German developers Ferico GBR. The webbing upgraded composition increases its use possibilities, increases its service life and makes the webbing even safer!

The objective in developing the LumFer material was to produce a film that exhibits the best European premium brands performance – it is fireproof, environmentally friendly, odourless, strong and at the same time expensive and stylish.

After the European buyers need and desires a careful study, the chemists and technologists team was joined by designers and computer scientists. Scientists created a base – an environmentally friendly two-component film. The inner component made the material thicker and stronger than the others, it does not translucent and lacks the conventional film visual lightness.

The designers then used computer modelling to create unique face layer textures that make LumFer ceilings look natural and give the interior a traditional, solid style.



Visual similarity with plasterboard (through a canvas use in combination with profiles specifically designed for it, you can make the ceilings as similar to the plasterboard ceilings).

Visual similarity with the fabric ceilings (specially developed through computer modelling texture allows to imitate a fabric panel).


LumFer panels have embossed texture on the "front" side, on the backside they are black - due to the panel structure, it became possible to work with ANY light! The new fabrics do not let the light through, exclude the gaps' possibility in profiles, fasteners and communications under the fabric.


The fabrics are allergen-free and odourless, even when heated. They do not accumulate static electricity and do not attract dust.


The new canvases have unique textures on the front side, on the reverse LumFer canvases are always black, which makes them easily distinguishable from all canvases available on the market.


LumFer panels have a high fire safety class, they will not ignite even in contact with open fire and short circuit wiring cases due to the unique composition.


Experienced developers have improved the fabrics' composition, so they have increased elasticity and strength.

Easy to install (stretches well). Reliably protected against damage during transport and storage (packed in special cardboard tubes-boxes).

MSD Premium

MSD Premium stretch ceilings have gained an excellent reputation in the international market. They have a unique combination of affordable price, technical and performance characteristics. The ceilings are certified REACH, RoHS, EN-71, which means that they are safe for health, do not emit harmful substances and unpleasant odours, can be installed in children’s and medical institutions. They create an ideal microclimate in any room.

In addition to classic textures, the company produces many designer options: brocade, velvet, leather, metallic, translucent coatings and quilted. It regularly launches new collections.

MSD Premium


When choosing a stretch ceiling, it is important to pay attention, not to the manufacturing country or manufacturing plant, but to the PVC film composition. The main difference between good films and bad ones is the plasticizer quality used, which is added to make the material malleable.

Quality MSD premium film

  • Raw materials are purchased in Taiwan
  • PVC resin 75%
  • Plasticizer DOTP 24,5%
  • Antibacterial and antifungal additives 0.5%
  • No chalk and no heavy metals
  • Film thickness 0.18 mm
  • Suitable for residential areas

Substandard Chinese film

  • Raw materials are bought in China
  • PVC resin 75%
  • Plasticizer DOP 25-24,7%
  • Antibacterial and antifungal additives 0-0,3%
  • Often contains chalk and heavy metals
  • Film thickness 0.16-0.17 mm
  • Residential use can be hazardous


Many manufacturers skimp on the composition and use a cheap plasticizer. Subsequently, this will quietly and unnoticeably degrade consumer health. In the MSD film production process, a high-quality plasticizer DOTP (DOTF) is used. It is environmentally friendly and safe for human health and the environment. In addition, PVC film contains antibacterial and antifungal effect special components without heavy metals harmful impurities.


The foil MSD Premium main advantage is the leaf 5.1 m width and colors and textures a wide range in its collection, what cannot boast the European manufacturers, the films maximum width to 3.6 m.


  • Web width up to 5.1 m
  • Thickness up to 0,20 mm depending on the texture
  • More than 230 colour options
  • Temperature range from +3 to +50C
  • Withstands up to 100 l of water per m2
  • No loss of properties in long-term operation
  • Mirrorability of lacquer cloths 95-99%
  • Matte and Satin finish 4-4,5%
  • Suitable for residential environments
  • Medium price segment


Traditional German quality from stretch ceilings Pongs Europe’s leading manufacturer. All fabrics are rigorously ecologically tested and have EN71-3, REACH, RoHS certificates.

Pong’s ceilings are for those who do not skimp on repairs and choose time-tested materials. We will tell you how much they cost, what the difference is from MSD Premium ceilings and why the film is no longer labelled.



Both films have proven themselves in the Russian market as the safest and most reliable. Therefore, when it comes to quality, both manufacturers are on the same level. If a well-known brand is important to you, then choose Pongs. But you should know that the Pongs film maximum width is 3.25 m. The film can be stretched on the 3.9 m room width, if it is rectangular, and on the 3.6 m room if it is a complex shape. In all other cases, the fabrics will have to be stitched together.


  • Brand Germany, production in China
  • Width: up to 3.25 m
  • Colour Palette: 28 colours
  • Thickness: up to 0.19 mm
  • German quality standard
  • Price: from 250 rubles/m2


  • Manufacturer: China
  • Width: up to 5.1 m
  • Colour palette: more than 230 colours
  • Thickness: up to 0.20 mm
  • The most budget-friendly
  • Price: from 135 rubles/m2


On the outside, Pong's films are indistinguishable from cheap Chinese materials. But in fact, their composition will be very different. Pongs are made from virgin safe raw materials with no harmful additives. One of the main differences between high-quality films from bad ones is the plasticizer type used: DOTP or DOP. The latter has high toxicity and its prohibition is an issue. In Pong's sheets, DOTP is used.


  • Previously, all rolls were subject to mandatory marking, which was fixed in the catalogue on the official website. Since summer 2018, the factory has stopped marking the films, the roll width and texture regardless.
  • At present, the Pongs factory mainly earns money from fabric stretch ceilings, and film production is in the background. So now they order all the film in China from the MSD factory.


  • See for yourself that there is not a single word on their website about marquee — Pongs stretch ceilings official website.
  • There is a lot of news on official supplier sites and forums about Pongs no longer being labelled.
  • You won't find any markings in the new Pongs catalogues either.

DESCOR D-Premium

DESCOR fabric material for the stretch ceilings installation from PONGS (Germany). The products manufactured in Germany have always been distinguished by their reliability, goodness and outstanding quality performance. The German stretch ceilings by Descor completely correspond to all the listed characteristics and have all the necessary ecological and hygienic certificates valid on the European Union territory. The latest achievements and technologies introduced in the production process makes it possible to achieve the fabric coating density and durability highest level with the structure a perfect homogeneity.

DESCOR D-Premium
DESCOR D-Premium


The Descor German Ceilings numerous advantages lead to their use in interiors' various types and increasing interest on the part of consumers interested in high-quality and safe finishing materials.

The advanced technology comprehensive implementation, multiplied by meticulous attention to detail, has allowed the German manufacturer to create the highest quality a truly unique product. The main advantages of Descor textile ceilings are as follows:

  • The fabric original structure and composition;
  • the safety and environmental friendliness highest degree;
  • outstanding aesthetic characteristics;
  • the installing seamless ceiling systems possibility;
  • installation without space heating
  • unsurpassed durability;
  • thermal shrinkage with 1.2 a coefficient level;
  • maintaining operating parameters in low-temperature conditions;
  • Increased noise insulation compared to PVC foils
  • Practically no slack in tensioning
  • maintenance practicality and ease.


  • The Descor ceilings textile backing is made of an intricate weave and treated with a liquid polyurethane impregnation to give the required performance properties. The reinforcement fabric and impregnation formulation of all raw materials are completely non-hazardous and environmentally friendly. Microscopic pores formed in the process of weaving provide air masses free circulation, which excludes condensate accumulation and mould fungi growth.
  • The Premium fibre special composition, from which the textile surfaces are made, prevents fire spread and complies with the most stringent fire safety regulations. The double-sided polymerisation ensures that Descor German ceilings are extremely robust and cannot be damaged, even with some effort. With a width of up to 5 metres, it is sufficient for a seamless and secure installation.


Descor fabric coverings have a pleasant matt surface that resembles a classic plastered ceiling with precise geometry. Among the colours the manufacturer offers the following options:

  • Classic white plaster;
  • original and stylish black canvas;
  • pastel soft tones.


The laser engraving on the Descor German textile stretch ceilings edge is applied every 15 cm.

For Descor fabrics, it is the inscription "D-premium made in Germany "* (formerly Descor made in Germany) on the fabric edge and also on the fabric there is factory fabric number a print as well as a special sticker with an individual QR-code.
Beware of fakes!