If you want your new stretch ceiling to delight you not only with its quality and excellent design but also with its cost, then you should contact our company Eltanin Design. Despite using innovative systems and our ceiling systems high quality, we have set the most competitive price for stretch ceilings.

There may be special offers on installation, for example, if you order a stretch ceiling for several rooms at once. We recommend that you contact our managers to find out more about the current offers.

MSD Premium

from 17 eur/m²


from 20 eur/m²

Teqtum EURO

from 20 eur/m²


from 21 eur/m²

Cloth «Descor D-Premium»

from 27 eur/m²


If you are interested in Eltanin Design stretch ceilings, you can find out the preliminary cost using a special form on our website. Specify all the necessary parameters and send a request for an estimate. Our staff will quickly review your request and send you a preliminary price with installation.


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