Shadow ceiling

Eltanin Design’s shadow mount stretch ceiling is a recent innovation in next-generation stretch ceilings that has very quickly gained popularity with our customers.

It is installed on special aluminium profiles, such as eurokraab, euroflexy, eurolumfer for pvc ceilings and euroslott for textile ceilings.

The unusual steaming effect is achieved by using special technology and a special profile. During the installation process, the stretched fabric is not fastened close to the wall, and a gap of about 6 mm is left along the entire perimeter, depending on the selected type. This gap is necessary to create an impression of flight, as well as to create a shadow effect.

These airy, light and floating ceilings can transform any room, bring a touch of mystery into the interior and create an extraordinary atmosphere in it. The eurokraab, euroflexy and euroslott stretch ceilings are suitable for any room and you can always order their installation from us at Eltanin Design.


  • The shadow fixing main difference is the installation without the masking insert along the walls. There is a neat 6mm gap between the wall and the ceiling and the ceiling does not visually touch the walls;
  • The various curves and complex room geometries are not an obstacle when installing a shadow ceiling, provided the workers are properly qualified;
  • It perfectly underlines the modern design and even complements it thanks to the interior monolithic, holistic effect;
  • The ceiling is visually indistinguishable from plasterboard ceilings thanks to its perfectly straight corners;
  • Depending on customer requirements and room possibilities, the shadowed ceiling can be installed on one, two or more levels.