Decorative partitions are used for room zoning and are in demand in modern design. They are commonly integrated in a concealed way. The partition is made of aluminium lamellas in black or white (we can paint the lamellas in any RAL colour). On the ceiling, they are mounted in a recess in black or white, 80mm deep. The niche in white can be illuminated, while the black can be unlit. The size of lamellae is 40*80 mm, the distance between lamellae is 80 mm. The partition standard height is 2.94 metres.


  • the aluminium lamellas will permanently retain their geometry;
  • partitions can be installed in any room, including those with high humidity (baths, swimming pools, etc.);
  • The lamellas are fixed to the ceiling and floor and can be easily removed if necessary;
  • The standard partition height is up to 2.9 m, rail heights of up to 4 m are possible.
  • Advantageous price compared to similar solutions. The cost of the construction is determined immediately and remains unchanged.