Niches in the ceiling

Decorative niches in the stretch ceiling make the space more interesting, more stylish, modern and original.

The recesses creation in a suspended ceiling does not require base ceiling careful preparation and the additional structures’ construction. Modern niche profiles are self-supporting, so they can be attached immediately to the base. The niche upper level can be made of a sheet, a rigid base (composite, MDF) or a fully monolithic aluminium. The fixing special type in modern profiles makes it possible to achieve a monolithic structure, eliminating the need for decorative inserts.

The Niche system in the interior allows you to effectively zoned space, arrange the necessary accents with the light help, organize lighting solutions in interesting ideas.  The luminaires are not a track system. They are installed statically, according to the preliminary project and lighting calculations. The black profile is used as a decorative niche on the ceiling. Such niches can be arranged linearly, chaotically or in a clear geometric shape on the ceiling.


The SLOTT profile is compatible with fabric and PVC coverings. The profile has a damper fixing system, so it looks as organic as possible on the ceiling. The SLOTT profile is available in white, black, black and white, with edge sizes of 40 and 80 mm, the niche width is unlimited.

Frameless LumFer

To install LumFer recesses, the ceilings are lowered from the base by at least 5 cm. The profile itself is attached directly to the ceiling. The profile is 7 cm wide and 4 cm deep. The LumFer niche on the surface can be of different lengths and shapes with right angles of junctions (strip, square, rectangle, U-shaped and L-shaped).


  • the niche complete integration into the stretch ceiling (no gaps, slots, plugs);
  • the niche length can be any, and the shape – with a construction angle of 90 degrees: straight line, U-shaped, L-shaped, square, rectangular;
  • the using the niche possibility without spotlights as a decorative element;
  • niche body in matt black, black and white or white.