Light niche lines are one of the latest developments designed for ceiling light design. The web and metal interfacing in this solution is slotless, which allows contrasting lines high-quality connection without the masking elements use. This system is light line an open type and light sources without diffusers using reflected light.

Light lines may well be the illumination main source due to their technical characteristics. The shape can be any shape as long as the elements are joined at right angles: straight, U- or L-shaped line, square and rectangle.

The profile is available in white moiré and black and white moiré colours. In the niche line black and white moiré, the side of the profile is black, allowing the luminaire line to be contrasted on the ceiling.

Design Advantages:

  • new possibilities for interior design;
  • Any shape of construction provided the elements are joined at right angles;
  • uses soft reflected light that is comfortable for the eyes;
  • gives you the ability to adjust the backlight brightness using multiple switching modes.