Light lines

Light lines are an innovative type of suspended ceiling illumination, which appeared in the design relatively recently, but is rapidly gaining popularity. Ceiling illumination by light lines means can be used as the main room lighting and for decorative purposes. Luminous strips on the ceiling allow you to visually draw attention to the interior main elements, and if necessary, divide the space into functional zones.

This type of illumination is possible thanks to a special profile with a light-transmitting strip. The LED strip is placed inside the profile, and the profile itself is set flush with the stretched fabric. Such strips look original and harmonious on the surface.

Light strips can take forms a variety on the ceiling can be positioned anywhere and can have different lengths. There are a lot of design options here, and it all depends on your imagination and the designer’s imagination.


  • perfect appearance with no gaps or crevices between the stretch ceiling and the light structure;
  • the different textures and colours combining fabrics possibility;
  • Economical power consumption with a powerful light output;
  • use possibility as both primary and supplementary lighting.
  • The backlight colour can be selected and the light intensity can be adjusted.