Light ceiling

Light ceilings are stylish, beautiful and original. They are appropriate for any room and room.

A luminous stretch ceiling is both a ceiling and a lighting fixture. When switched off, it is a white matt surface, but when switched on, it fills the room with uniformly bright yet soft light.

The ceiling core is an LED strip, which is attached to a rough ceiling, and a stretched translucent fabric, which allows up to 50% of the light to pass through. In between is a transparent ceiling of transparent material to prevent debris from entering the ceiling. The translucent material is made from a special translucent material, treated with a protective polymer layer. The result is a stretch ceiling with a uniformly luminous surface.

As a rule, a luminous ceiling is lowered by about 10-15 cm and therefore requires sufficient room height. Preparation and accurate calculations are important for its installation.


  • an unusual solution that attracts the eye;
  • During the day, the ceiling looks like a plain white ceiling – it won’t get boring and will match any interior;
  • designs in various shapes and colours can be created;
  • energy-saving technologies are used;
  • do not require additional light sources.