The curtain track is a specially designed aluminium profile, made of solid aluminium, which forms a niche thanks to a specially designed protruding edge. The runners are hidden from view, the only visible part is the curtain itself and the elements fixing the curtain to the runner: hooks, rings, etc. When using this design, the ceiling racking is not visible, and the curtains or the tulle seem to come straight down from the ceiling. It looks very effective and extraordinary.

The eaves profile has a concealed lighting system, equipped with a built-in diffuser so that the light falls strictly down the curtain. The integrated lighting is decorative. The profile is not equipped with an LED strip, it is purchased separately, based on the objectives (colour temperature, power, voltage, etc.). If additional lighting is not required, the strip can be omitted.

Design Advantages:

  • blends in with fabrics of all manufacturers, textures and colours;
  • can be supplemented with backlighting;
  • is made as either a straight line from wall to wall or with a break or a broken line at right angles;
  • blends in with all types of other stretch ceiling designs.